Network Time Server - SyncServer S600 (NTP)
High Performance, Enhanced Security Network Time Server
  The S600 network time server is purpose built to deliver exact hardware based Network Time Protocol (NTP) timestamps. The unparalleled accuracy and security is rounded out with outstanding ease-of-use features for reliable network time services ready to meet the needs of the user network and business operations today, and in the future.
High Security and Capacity

The four standard GbE ports combined easily handle more than 10,000 NTP requests per second using hardware time stamping and compensation.

All traffic to the S600 CPU is bandwidth limited for protection against denial-of-service (DOS) attacks.

For significantly more robust and secure NTP operations, enable the security-hardened NTP Reflector with 100% hardware-based NTP packet processing capable of 120,000 NTP requests per second*.
HW Timestamping Means PTP

Supporting HW time stamping on all four GbE ports allows the S600 to be ready to serve PTP on all ports.

Pending an upcoming SW release, the S600 would be field upgradeable to fully support PTP implementing Microsemi's leading PTP technology.  
Four GbE ports for Performance, Flexibility and Security

The S600 has four dedicated and isolated GbE Ethernet ports, each equipped with NTP hardware time stamping.

These are connected to a very high-speed microprocessor with microsecond accurate time stamps to assure high-bandwidth NTP performance.

This more than meets the need of servicing 10,000 NTP requests per second.
Unprecedented NTP Accuracy

The Stratum 1 level S600 derives nanosecond accurate time directly from the atomic clocks aboard the GNSS satellites.
By using an integrated, 72-channel GNSS receiver, every visible satellite can be tracked and used to maintain accurate and reliable time.
Even in urban canyon environments where direct satellite visibility can be limited, manually inputting the position can be sufficient to acquire accurate time even from a single intermittent satellite.
Intuitive, Secure and Easy to Use Web Interface
The modern web interface is the primary control interface for the S600.

Once the keypad and display are used to bring the unit online, complete status and functions are easily found via the well-organized left side expanding/collapsing navigation menu.

At-a-glance dashboard presentation combined with logical organization and intuitive controls make configuring the S600 quite easy.
Standard Management Access Security
All of the expected network management protocols are standard in the S600.

These include mandatory password access, HTTPS/SSL only (using the high encryption cipher suite), SSH, access control lists, service termination, SNMPv2/v3 and NTP MD5 authentication.

All traffic to S600 is bandwidth-limited for protection against the DoS attacks.
How It Works
Timing and Design Reliability

The 72 channel GNSS receiver, coupled with Microsemi's patented Active Thermal Compensation Technology, provides best-in-class time accuracy of <15ns RMS to UTC. 
Backstop this with a durable hardware design subjected to severe shock and vibration testing, and high reliability components that extend the operating temperature range to a very wide -20DegC to 65DegC.

Further choose the dual power supply option with SNMP trap enabled monitoring to avoid time service interruptions.

As with all Microsemi time servers, upgrading to a high performance oscillator such as a Rubidium atomic clock, keeps the S600 accurate for a long time in the event of a GNSS service disruption.
Cutting-Edge Active Thermal Technology.
Multiple temperature sensors and cooling module allow for different control strategies based on installed oscillator type.

Stabilization of the temperature inside the chassis allow for unbeatable holdover performance with the different oscillators.

Full monitoring and status alarms for the thermal compensation status.
Unbeatable holdover performance

The standard S600 is equipped with a crystal oscillator that keeps the S600 accurate to nanoseconds when tracking GNSS.
However, if GNSS connectivity is lost, thereby placing the server in holdover, the oscillator will begin to drift impacting timing accuracy.
Upgrading the oscillator improves the holdover accuracy significantly.
For example, consider the drift rates below for the standard oscillator compared to the OCXO and Rubidium upgrades: Oscillator Holdover Drift (1st 24 hours), Standard 400 microseconds, OCXO 25 microseconds, Rubidium <1 microsecond
Introducing the first HW NTP Firewall.

Implementing all NTP operations in hardware (FPGA), the NTP Reflector option turns the time server to be virtually hacker-proof.

All non-NTP and non-allowed packets are dropped while maintaining ultra-high capacity of more than 120,000 NTP requests per second providing for the best possible time stamp accuracy.
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